Review of These Mysterious Rays in American Scientist

Page xviii of Vol 31 No 1 (January 1944) of the American Scientist magazine contains a review of These Mysterious Rays by Alan L. Hart.

As the copyright of this review is unknown I am not including the entire review, but here is a link to the magazine on JStor. You can view 100 articles a month with the free JStor membership. Many libraries have extended access to JStor. I do not get a commission on this, I just think JStor is well worth having access to. (If anyone knows of an affiliate program for JStor, I’d love to become a member!)

If Amazon has a copy, These Mysterious Rays can be purchased from my Amazon Affiliate Link here. (I do make a commission on this link.)

Mather, K. F. (1944). THE SCIENTIST’S BOOK SHELF. American Scientist, 32(1), 84–xxv.