Super Queer Archives

History starts by finding the right documents. With the Super Queer Archives we scour the web and libraries for source material for a particular queer topic. We would rather go very deep on just a few topics than just have a scattering of materials on lots of queer topics.

Below are the archives we currently maintain. If you have some material you would like to see us add to one of these archives, please use our contact form.

  • Alan L. Hart Archive
    Alan L. Hart was born Alberta Lucille Hart in Kansas in 1890. In about 1917 he transitions from Lucille to Alan. He went on to be a successful radiologist and helped to end the tuberculosis
  • Chevalier D’Eon de Beaumont
    This brave woman trained and worked as a French spy and diplomat using both male and female personas. When her life was endangered she used some documents she acquired from King Louis XV to secure
  • Frances Thompson Archive
    Frances Thompson was freed from slavery after the civil war. Not much is known about her before she was freed. She was living in Memphis at the time of the Memphis Riots of 1866 and