Super Queer History Podcast

Super Queer History is a podcast I’m currently working on. I plan on having the first episode out in August 2023. These will be about 30 minute episodes and will be released about once a month.

Below are some of the topics I’m studying now:

  • The Russian Affair: d’Eon de Beaumont on cross dressing in Russia
  • Transgender Transition in 1918: Alan L Hart on FTM Transitioning (I did one on him before, but I’m updating it)
  • Trans Woman talks to Congress in 1866: Francis Thompson and the Memphis Riots
  • Imprisoned for being Gay: The Downfall of Oscar Wilde
  • Female Captain of Dragoons: d’Eon de Beaumont on War and Diplomacy

And these are some topics I don’t know enough about yet to come up with a good title:

  • Love Affairs of Virginia Wolfe
  • Stonewall Riots
  • Larry Kramer and Act Up
  • James Baldwin
  • Harvey Milk
  • Crossdressing Soldiers
  • Bayard Rustin
  • d’Eon de Beaumont on transitioning (so I find her really interesting!)