D’Eon de Beaumont, His Life and Times

By Octave Homberg, Fernand Jousselin, Alfred Rieu · 1911

275 pages

Review: The author states that he found some papers that d’Eon had collected during her life. After her death, these papers were taken by one of d’Eon’s creditors. Languishing in a book sellers shop for almost a century these papers sat unexamined. The author chanced upon them, recognized their importance, and purchased them. He then used the papers to write this manuscript.

This book is hard to read. The author does not organize his thoughts, uses long convoluted sentences, and jumps around. He uses pronouns so completely that it is often hard to track who the “he” is that is being spoken about. Honestly, I would rather scan in the box of papers and sort through them. I feel like I would get a much better understanding of d’Eon from that.

If anyone happens to know where I can get these documents, I’d happily scan them in for the world to view.

Retrieved from The Internet Archive.

I am currently working with the Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders to turn this book into an e-Book that will be available for free download through Project Gutenberg.